Monday, 5 August 2013

Day One: Shelob

Hello, Good Afternoon, and welcome to Momento Maureen's Fantabulous Week of Challenges! I was going to call it Task Week, but that seemed a bit dull. Anyway, this was something I planned to do the week after I became unemployed as a way to keep myself occupied, but I've actually been quite busy, so it's been delayed until now...

Challenge One: Build a Lego Shelob.

For those of you who have neither read nor seen The Lord of the Rings (if any such people exist), Shelob is a big, grotesque spider from the dawn of time, who attacks Frodo and Sam on their way to destroy an evil ring of power. I was very kindly given the Shelob Attacks Lego set for my birthday (thanks, Dan) and became instantly intimidated by it! I mean, I love Lego, but putting the heads in the mini-figures is about as much actual Lego construction as I do, and this had lots of little bits.

Lots and lots of bits! I was convinced this was going to take me all day, and might very well end in failure. Thankfully, the lovely people at Lego have included the most comprehensive instruction manual I have ever seen. And the result...
Instead of a picture of me crying while surrounded by Lego blocks, you have this little beauty! I totally nailed it. The Shelob figure is awesome. There's even cogs inside so you can reel her web in and out.
How cool is that!? About as cool as Peter Capaldi being the next Doctor Who (well, I couldn't not mention it).

So, challenge one blown out of the water. Tomorrow: biscuits.

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