Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Day Two: Biscuits

I never realised that writing about biscuits would be so difficult! I just deleted an incredibly long and dull paragraph about how I haven't baked in ages, because I simply love my Beautiful Readers too much to want to bore them to death. In fact, I'm beginning to think that I should have made this a challenge to write about biscuits rather than making them. That would have been much harder!

Having said that, day two of Momento Maureen's Fantabulous Week of Challenges did get off to a bit of a bumpy start. Having not baked for over two years, I might have guessed that we wouldn't necessarily have all the ingredients I needed. I was making cinnamon biscuits (because I love them) but I might rename this batch Just-About-Cinnamon Biscuits, because we had just about enough of that delicious spice to justify me not having to go to the shop.

Then I realised we only have goats butter and olive spread. No cooking margarine or cows butter. I stood in the kitchen in my pinny (I am a messy cook) thinking maybe a trip to the shop was in order after all. Then I thought "Fuck it" and used the olive spread instead. And the good news? You totally can't tell the difference!
I have grand plans for the not too distant future to get some icing and decorate them with sugar skulls, but for now they will be scoffed as is.

They may not be fancy, but given as I'm not a very practiced baker, and not a big fan of cooking in general, I am pleased. Challenge two complete!

While writing this, Fitz (one of our kittens) climbed on to the back of the sofa and tried to eat my Dad's head. This is fitting as tomorrow I shall be having a George A. Romero zombie movie marathon.

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