Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Notes from the Plague House

Did you miss me?

I must say that the first day after that week of intense blogging was a little weird. I kept thinking of things that I could write about, things that I wanted to share with the world, but I thought, 'No, Alex, pace yourself.'

And so Wednesday passed and Thursday came and I went to see The Felice Brothers which was brilliant!

Then Friday arrived. Oh, I had so many plans for Friday. I had things to buy, things to pack. I was going to write something on my blog and get an early night. I was going to wake up on Saturday and go to Wales and have a wonderful time.

But no!

Instead I woke up on Friday morning with a horrible virus that, frankly, decorum stops me from describing in any greater detail. This image sums up how I felt...
Oh, the horror!

So, my holiday got cancelled, my blog didn't get written, and I spent a lot of time in bed.

I'm now at the point where I feel well enough to write this. I managed a little walk in the sunshine yesterday and even ate a proper meal.

Health and well-being here I come (just not too quickly, it's exhausting).

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