Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Awesomeness That is Sean Pertwee

I realised something about myself today that I guess on some level I had always known, but had never really admitted to myself.

I will watch anything, anything at all, if it has Sean Pertwee in it.
This is more than just an attraction thing. My love of Sean Pertwee has many levels.

1) He's in Blue Juice which I watched at an impressionable age. It's all about surfing and sorting your life out so you're doing what you really want to do rather than what you think you ought to be doing. They may have whacked Ewan McGregor on that weird IMDB cover image, but it's all about Pertwee.

2) His Dad was Doctor Who. I wonder if he gets annoyed with people bringing that up? I hope not, because it's very cool.

3)He's in lots of Neil Marshall films, all of which I love. I had to watch The Descent on my own because my Dad got a migraine and had to leave the cinema. It was terrifying and amazing. Dog Soldiers manages to be scary and funny, my favourite combination of things, and it's got Sean Pertwee in it! Genius.

4) He's got a lovely voice, as heard in many computer games and documentary narration.

5) I honestly can't think of a film with Sean Pertwee in that I haven't enjoyed. I mean, they're not all Oscar worthy, but they're always entertaining, and quite often that is what I am looking for in a film.

Well, I feel I have made my point. I am now off to find another Sean Pertwee film to watch.

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  1. I'd forgotten about your love of the Pertwee. This made me chuckle.