Friday, 28 June 2013

Zombies v. Robots Part 1

It is a cold and gloomy day. I was sitting in my room thinking that I really ought to post something on my blog, but feeling a little lazy and a little uninspired. I looked around my room, trying to find something that would make me want to log onto blogger and write something that someone else might want to read. I was going to write a review of The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, but decided to leave that until I was feeling more awake. I turned my head to the window and saw the robot that lives in my room. (I think, technically, it might be my brothers, but good luck getting that back off me, Ben!) I thought maybe I could waffle a little about how awesome robots are, especially giant robots, and how excited I am about Pacific Rim (roll on July!).

Then it occurred to me that robots would be the perfect way to fight zombies. They could be trained to detect life signals in person shaped objects and if they didn't find any, go for a head shot. The robots themselves couldn't be infected, so that would remove the risk of growing the army of the undead while trying to destroy them.

I realised that this idea was so good that there was no way other people wouldn't have thought of it already, so I googled "zombies versus robots", an act which made me happy in itself. I found so many exciting things, from online strategy games to a movie that seems to be in development, and this awesome picture...
Beautiful! Thank you Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood.

So, in summary, I love robots, I love zombies, and I love the internet from bringing these two loves together. Expect more on this subject as I investigate what's out there, and maybe make my own stuff up.

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