Sunday, 3 February 2013

Welcome, beautiful reader

So, at the moment I'm really just feeling pleased with coming up with the name of my blog. I sat there on Google, typing in Momento Maureen and feeling certain that somebody else would have come up with it first, but no!

Smug face.

I suppose I ought to start with some sort of explanation, a mission statement. What am I doing and why should you read my blog?

Well, I used to have a zombie blog that I never wrote and left to amble around the internet in an unproductive and fittingly undead manner. So I guess this is my blog 2.0, the one that I'll actually write and maybe some people will actually read.

I love zombies, but they're not my only love, so I've expanded my subject area to include my general fascination with all things related to death and the undead, from films, literature, art and any other thing that tickles my fancy. Death had fascinated me for all of my life, especially the way people choose to portray it in both high and low culture.

At the moment, for example, I am watching The Grey, which I'm quite enjoying but is way more miserable than I thought it would be. It's like Jaws without the plastic shark. The wolves are really mean and at the moment I can't foresee anyone living to the end credits, but you've got to bloody love Liam Neeson. He can give gravitas to the most ridiculous of films.

Oh shit! Something terrible just happened! Wait, he's okay.

I should probably stop reviewing this film while I'm actually watching it, so maybe that's what I'll do tomorrow.

It really is getting quite tense.

Right, until next time, beautiful readers...


  1. Enjoy the film miss!
    i must admit i quite liked it! was something a little bit different. I think part way through the film, you think you know how it is going to end. If you pick up on certain things its kind of made clear. However i don't think your ever actually sure which way it is going to go (wont say more in case i ruin it!) But what i do like about it is that it doesn't have your typical 'Hollywood Ending', which is such a nice refreshing change!
    hope you enjoy!

  2. As I may have mentioned via text, "Taken" Liam Neeson would have fucked those wolves up!

  3. So true! I really enjoyed it once I'd got my head around what kind of film it was (ie. not "Taken" with wolves instead of random Eastern Europeans. Full review to follow tomorrow.