Tuesday, 19 February 2013

RIP Richard Briers

The way that people represent death is fascinating. Sometimes it results in the creation of something beautiful (like Rosetti's Ophelia), sometimes it's funny (like Shaun of the Dead) and sometimes it's gross (like this...dare you click?)

Unfortunately sometimes, in fact most often, death is just really sad. All the stuff above is the way we try and deal with it. Anyway, sad was just how I felt when I heard that Richard Briers had died a few days ago. I grew up watching repeats of The Good Life, and just last summer I had the honour of being at the premier of his last movie, the excellent Cockneys v. Zombies. The man was a legend. So, I thought that seeing as I write a blog about death I shouldn't just shy away from the real thing, and then, I decided that the best thing to do was to celebrate the life of this brilliant actor. So click on this and enjoy.

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