Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Zombies in Montana

There is a zombie outbreak in Montana! They're trying to cover it up and tell you it was a hoax, but that's exactly what The Man would want you to think! Don't believe their lies!!!

Okay, I don't really believe that's true, but while I was thinking about what to write in this blog it struck me how easy it is to fall into a weird cycle of conspiracy theory madness where the more evidence you are given to show that something isn't true, the more you believe it must be true and "They" are just covering it up. Whoever "They" are.

Thankfully I'm not (that) mental.

But I am getting away from the point. The footage isn't all that exciting, really, but still worth checking out. A round of applause to the mischief makers, and a little chuckle at the fact that according to ABC News the police received at least four calls to see if it was real. Well, better safe than sorry.

To paraphrase Where the Wild Things Are... May the zombie rumpus commence!

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