Friday, 24 May 2013

Day Three: Thomas Sexton Hardcastle

Just as the sun sets in the evening and rises in the morning, so was it inevitable that at some point, this blog would turn to the subject of my room-mate, my furry side-kick, my hamster, Thomas Sexton Hardcastle.

I adopted him from Pets at Home in Brentford. They couldn't sell him because he had problems with his teeth when he was little, well littler. This tale of woe twanged my heartstrings. I couldn't resist this tiny white ball of fur, asleep in the corner of his cage. The name he came with was Tommy, and that's still what he's known as to his friends. The Sexton Hardcastle bit is one of the wrestler Edge's earlier in-ring personas and as I'd just finished reading his biography when I went hamster shopping, that was the name I really wanted for my new hamstery chum.

Tommy enjoys peanuts, meditating and going for long runs on his wheel or in his ball. He loves the heart-shaped treats I got him for Valentines Day in a soppy moment, and has a slight taste for human flesh.He dislikes the little round green bits in his food, other than that he's a fairly laid back little chap.

And on the night of a full moon, just like tonight, he transforms into a tiny werewolf.

One of the above facts may not be true.

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