Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Day One: Bringing Sexy Back

Okay, so I have realised that there is a distinct danger of this blog turning into something where I very occasionally post something about how guilty I feel about not posting on it more often and promise to try harder in the future. Now, that doesn't sound super-fun to me, and I'm assuming it doesn't to you either, Beautiful Reader.

So, I am taking the bull by the horns and am going to have a week long blog-fest, starting right now! Look! Here it is!

Basically I was being driven across Dartmoor last week by my lovely Sister-in-law and was telling her about Julie & Julia. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest checking it out, because even though nothing explodes and there isn't even one zombie in it, I found it quite inspirational. Julie has a crappy job, but loves cooking and so decides to write a blog based on cooking one recipe from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking a day, which takes over a year. The film combines her story with that of Julia herself, learning to cook and writing the book itself. It is one of many things that made me want to stop talking about blogging and actually do it. While telling this story I realised I hadn't blogged for weeks, and that I needed to do something about that asap. I needed to apply myself and get into better habits.

And here we are.

So, look forward to a week of blogtastic bloggery, possibly quite random, but hopefully always entertaining.

Oh, and before I go I feel like I need to paint you a picture of what I look like while I write this...

I'm in the process of dying my hair, so I'm dressed in my incredibly old secondary school PE t-shirt and paint-splattered jogging bottoms (super-hot). To add to this stylish garb, my hair is covered in goo that promises to turn it into something called 'plum pashion' (sexy) but when it went on was more the colour of wotsits (less sexy). So, basically I'm looking at my best and it's a shame you can't see me :)

Until tomorrow, my lovelies

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