Sunday, 26 May 2013

Day Five: The Notorious Puss Brothers

As promised... KITTENS!

Just over three weeks ago I left work and discovered a text from my dad saying that him and mum had bought three kittens and that I could name one of them. So, may I formally introduce the blogosphere to Jago Cooper (the creamy, gingery one at the front), Robert 'Fitz' Fitzpatrick (the tabby), and George Romero (the black and white one). Guess which one I named. Yep. King of the Zombies.

They are currently asleep on the sofa after a hard day of conducting a wild rumpuss around the house, an activity that they take very seriously.

Jago is the most out-going and the most likely to be found climbing up your leg for a cuddle.

Fitz has a very serious little face and is usually the first to try something new, like climbing on top of the bannister, and pooing in the plant pot.

Romero always looks a bit startled because of his white whiskers and likes to throw out some jazz hands and do a little dance every now and then.

This is the awesome castle that mum made for them out of a crate of wine. It's actually been given an extra storey since this picture was taken and the kittens all love running through it, hiding under it, wrestling around it.

There you go. One final picture of the fluffy things eating and rumpetting.

Kittens rock!

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