Wednesday, 27 March 2013

We Are What We Are: A Review

I first saw We Are What We Are (Somos lo que hay) at FrightFest a couple of years ago. It is the tale of a poor Mexican family. When their father dies it is down to the younger generation to bring in the money and continue the cannibalistic rituals which they believe keep them safe. Now, I remember watching it and enjoying it. I remember thinking that it was actually quite moving and thinking that it served as a strong comment on poverty in Mexico.


Well, I liked it enough to get it on DVD and watched it a little while ago. In all honesty it felt like I was watching an entirely different film. It wasn't that I hadn't remembered what happened, it was just that whereas in the sleep-deprived confines of the Empire Leicester Square I had thought this was a dark but worthy film, while sitting on my sofa in my bedroom it was all a bit silly, and not necessarily in a good way. The acting, the characters, even the story itself seemed to have been transformed into something that wasn't awful, but if anything came across as being camp and a little stupid.

I guess this just serves as an illustration of how much better most films are in the cinema. Even a low budget horror like this can be transformed on the big screen, when you can completely immerse yourself in the action. At FrightFest I would have given this film seven or eight skulls. On DVD it's only going to get five skulls out of ten.

So, if I ended this post there, I feel it would be on a bit of a downer, and generally I'm quite a positive person, so please click on this link to see what I think of whenever I hear the title of this film, it's pretty much guaranteed to make you smile.

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