Thursday, 21 March 2013

Lost Zombies

It's official. I am in love with Lost Zombies. It's a social network aiming to collect film, writing and even phone messages to put together as a community generated zombie documentary. There's all kinds of exciting things on there; photo's, films, some awesome stories on the blog.

I'm really excited about it! I love zombies. No that doesn't say it clearly enough. I LOVE ZOMBIES!!! Yes, I love them so much that I've turned into one of those people who write in capitals and use too many exclamation marks. Anyway, it always cheers me when I find other people who share this passion, and here's a whole social network full of them. I'll have to sign up and maybe stick one of my short stories on there.

I bloody love the internet for making things like this possible.

But before I get totally carried away I shall share with you how I came to find Lost Zombies.

I was in Bargain Books in Chiswick and had already picked up the Zombies short story collection which had the Guy de Maupassant tale from my last post. I was clasping that to my bosom and feeling quite pleased with myself when my brother called me over. He was holding a book called Dead Inside Do Not Enter: Notes from the Zombie Apocalypse. The story, so far as there is one, is that this book is compiled from a collection of notes and photos found in a rucksack. They are little snapshots into the development of a major zombie crisis. It's really clever how you feel as if you're following a story even though it's been put together by lots of different people. My only criticism is that it's a bit miserable, but I guess that's the way the apocalypse hits some people, and there are some really funny bits as well (the comic sans page is my favourite). So seven skulls out of ten for the book (awesome but it bummed me out), and a million skulls out of ten for the website (because that's how excited I am!)

Finally, credit where it is due, this all occurred on the day before my birthday, so my brother bought both of the books for me.

Thank you, Ben xxx

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