Thursday, 21 August 2014

Frightfest: The Morning Before

I've spent this morning pottering about doing all the little things that need doing before Frigthfest takes over my life for the next four-and-a-half days. My hamster's cage has been cleaned, I've made sure I have enough money in the bank to keep me in steamed buns and peanut-butter M&Ms (all the major food groups), and I've been to the library (okay, that last one isn't really anything to do with Frightfest, but still, it was something I did this morning).

Now I'm just chilling out before it's time to put my glad-rags on and head out. This year I shall be donning a gorgeous 50's style dress which has the benefit of being beautiful, comfortable and warm. I love seeing everyone in their finery on the first night, and I love it even more knowing we'll all rock up tomorrow morning, clasping teas and coffees, in the comfiest clothes we can find.

So, what films am I looking forward to this year? Sin City: A Dame to Kill For should be exciting. The fact that Robert Englund is going to be there for The Last Showing is making me geek out more than a little. The Babadook looks like it could be the stuff of nightmares and Life After Beth is a zom-rom-com staring Aubrey Plaza, so can't possibly be bad. And there's the much anticipated Dead Snow 2. Check out the first film if you haven't seen it and like zombie comedies. It's fabulous.

Having said all that, the film I'm most looking forward to, if I'm being honest is Zombeavers. Yep, that's beavers who are also zombies! What's not to love?

Actually, all of the films look really good. You'll have to wait and see what makes it on to my top five once the dust has settled and I've finally woken up on Tuesday.

Now I'm off to paint my fingernails and maybe have a little doze on the sofa. I'll post again once the screaming stops.

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