Sunday, 21 September 2014

People's Climate March

I've had a most pleasant afternoon dancing up the Embankment on the People's Climate March. This link will take you to the main website. It's mainly full of pictures from the New York March, that being where the conference on Climate Change is occurring on Tuesday, but there are events happening all over the world and there are tweets and pictures coming in from those as well.

In London there was a real carnival atmosphere. We lucked out and joined the march right next to the Hare Krishnas. Now, you might be thinking that hours of listening to a bunch of people in orange, chanting, isn't your cup of tea, but today they'd gone for something a little different. The Hare Krishnas had teamed up with an amazing singer and a drummer, being pulled along on the cart they usually use for taking food to the homeless. They'd swapped their tambourines for a bass guitar, a trumpet and (most excitingly) an electric ukulele.

They grooved up the road singing Wild Thing and No More Heroes. We sang Hear the Word outside the gates of Downing Street and cheered to the singer's calls for responsible action on climate change and austerity. We all clapped, whooped and boogied up the road, all the way from Temple to Parliament Green.

It was so much fun!

There were people of all ages, religions, races, classes, whatever, and it was such a good feeling to have such a large and diverse group with a positive message that if we work together we can make a change. If we could harness the energy and positivity from today's march, I don't think there is anything we couldn't achieve.

We could change the world.

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