Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Romeo and Juliette: The Alternative Ending

Romeo and Juliette
The Alternative Ending

As Juliette lay in pretended death,
Poor Romeo chose death upon a knife,
But as our hero took his final breath,
He saw his love arise in undead life.
The potion Friar Laurence did prescribe,
Designed to save from being forced to wed,
When Juliette that potion did imbibe,
She was accursed to join the walking dead.
She pulled the blade from out her lover's chest
And with cold hands she tore his clothes apart;
She sunk her teeth in Romeo's pierced breast
And fed upon her dying lover's heart.
So Romeo and Juliette unite
As evil zombie creatures of the night.

This was inspired by attending an event at the Royal Festival Hall where a host of highly talented actors read all of Shakespeare's sonnets. Apologies to the bard.

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