Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Return of the Paper Zombies

The Story So Far...

Back last summer I set myself the task of making eight of the paper zombies from my Make Your Own Paper Zombies Calendar. It was meant to be fun. It was meant to be easy. It was neither. It took all day, was really fiddly and left me grumpy and covered in paper-cuts. By the time 2013 ended and all the zombies were made I was looking forward to the day where I would send them to the paper-recycling hell where they so truly belong.

In fact, I was fairly certain that I had already recycled them, until I was sorting out some stuff in my room and came across this...
Yes, horror of all horrors, it's a bag of disembodied paper zombies. 
 It was as if they's crawled out from the fiery pit and made their way back to my room just to torment me! Will I never be free!?

So now, once again (or, more probably, for the first time), I have taken these undead, folded little bastards to the recycling bin, where I'm hoping they will be mushed up and turned into something less evil. I even took a picture, just in case they return to haunt me once again.
Die, paper zombies, die!

Looks a bit like he's trying to climb out in that picture. Creepy. Maybe I should have removed the head and destroyed the brain?

You'd be surprised at the weird looks you get stuffing small paper figures into a recycling bin.

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