Friday, 9 May 2014

Great Films and Beautiful People

Every now and then I come across something or someone who is so awesome that I feel the need to make sure everyone else knows about them/it. Today, I want to share with you, Beautiful Reader, my love of Brit Marling.
Now, given that she's beautiful, successful and younger than me, obviously my natural reaction was to hate her, but this has proved impossible. Here are a few reasons why I hope you will also love Brit Marling...

  1. Having got a degree in Economics from Georgetown University, she turned down a job offer from Goldman Sachs in order to pursue her art.
  2. Not satisfied with the roles being offered her as a pretty, young, blond woman, she taught herself to write screenplays and created strong roles for herself in films that are both thoughtful and thought provoking.
  3. The films she has written and produced include The Sound of My Voice, where she plays a cult leader claiming to be from the future, and Another Earth in which a planet completely identical to our own is found to be hurtling towards us. She made these films simultaneously in 2011 and both were accepted into the Sundance Film Festival, because they are both brilliant.
  4. Brit Marling also wrote and produced The East where she plays a PI going undercover in an anarchist group. Not only is it a well thought out and well filmed story, but it also stars Ellen Page, who is fab and Alexander Skarsgard, who I love, as I love all the Skarsgards. Lets have a picture of him too...
I took me so long to choose that picture, they were all good. Look forward to a future post about my love of the family Skarsgard.

So, in summation, please watch one of those three films, or all of them, because they're really good. Brit Marling is awesome and if this blog brings her films to the attention of one more person, I will feel my work is done. All she needs to do now is write a zombie film.

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