Friday, 7 February 2014

Bandwagon Jumping

Over the last few months I have jumped on a number of bandwagons way behind everyone else. I keep wanting to write massive, impassioned blog posts about these subjects, but stop myself as I realise that, frankly, I'm just too damn late:

1) Why did they cancel Dollhouse? It's the best thing Joss Wheedon has done since Buffy. It's dark, disturbing and funny all in one, and Enver Gjokaj ("Victor" in the series) is one of the best actors I've seen on TV for a long time. I'm glad they at least got to finish the story, but I'm outraged and aggrieved that I didn't get to see three or four more series.

2) I'm loving Game of Thrones! Not the series, I still put the popularity of that down to some kind of mass hallucination, but The Song of Ice and Fire books are amazing. I'm only up to Storm of Swords Part Two, but something so massive happened in it while I was reading last night that I sent a text to my brother, at about midnight, starting with the word "Argh!" Please, please, no spoilers. I'm trying to pace myself with the books because I know how slowly George R R Martin is writing them.

Slight side-note, if you've enjoyed the above, you should definitely read Martin's Fevre Dream. It's about vampires on the Mississippi in the 19th Century and is just brilliant.

3) How good is Homeland!? Very, very good. I've only watched the first series, but was in serious danger of dying during the final episode because I was too tense to breathe. I didn't watch it initially because I'd been too badly scarred by the horrible decline of 24, but this series is like the antidote to that. The way Claire Dane's character manages to be incredible irritating, vulnerable and lovable all at the same time shows just what a great actress she is. I need to watch the second series asap, and would love to see the original Israeli version. Also, respect to Damien Lewis for flying the flag for Ginger Pride.

4) I've heard a rumour that some crazy scientist types are saying that the world is round. Now, I know this sounds unlikely. I mean, if it's round, wouldn't it just fall off the back of the elephants? Still, the arguments are pretty convincing, so I'll look into it a bit more and get back to you.

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