Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My 50th Post and Some Lovely Songs

Pop some party poppers, put on a party hat. This is my 50th post! In celebration, I'm going to tell you all about the Zombie Duck.

I was in the park a little while ago and I saw this creature...
Now, I appreciate that this isn't a great picture. I may well have been eating an ice-cream at the time. Anyway, if you look closely, it has a sort of grey head, and spooky looking white bits around it's eyes. It was standing perfectly still for ages and looked just like a Zombie Duck! So, the other day I wrote this song about it, to the tune of the Spiderman cartoon.

Zombie Duck! Zombie Duck!
If he bites you, you're out of luck.
Won't eat bread. Won't eat grains.
He only wants to eat your brains.
Look out!
This is the Zombie Duck!

Then I looked at the picture again and thought, what with that long neck, it was much more likely to be some kind of Zombie Goose. So I adapted my song.

Zombie Goose! Zombie Goose!
This evil fiend is on the loose.
Beware the patter of webbed feet
'Cause it's your brains he's gonna eat.
Look out!
This is the Zombie Goose!

By this point, I was getting quite in to composing these songs, and started writing one about a Zombie Swan, but being that I was actually sitting back in the park and what I could mainly see was seagulls, I came up with this final verse instead...

Zombie Gull! Zombie Gull!
The human race he's about to cull.
You hear him squawking in the hair.
He'll eat your brains, spit out your hair.
Look out!
This is the Zombie Gull!

And with that I was done.

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