Friday, 28 March 2014

Lambing Live and Zombie Sheep

So, this week I have been immersing myself in Lambing Live, the BBC show which spends a week on a sheep farm taking us through the processes of sheep breeding, and showing us little lambs being born fresh and gooey into the world, live on your television set.

It's so good. I've spent the last four days trying to work out how I could post a blog about Lambing Live that wasn't just me going on about how super cute lambs are and how I want my own little small-holding with a couple of sheep, some chickens and a pig or two. I mean, after all, this blog is meant to be an expression of my love off all things undead and spooky, not a super-cute-fest.

Then I remembered two films and a book that I felt served as a remedy to the farm based cute fest, and up my horror cred a bit.

1) For those desirous of some gross-out horror-comedy, try reading Apocalypse Cow. An out-break from a government lab causes animals across Britain to become slobbering, shagging, killing machines. I'm fairly certain I wrote a review of it at some point, so use this as an opportunity to meander down memory lane and check out some of my past posts. Anyway, it's not the greatest book ever written, but there are certainly some memorable moments that have stuck in my brain, and it's pretty entertaining.

2) Sticking in the horror-comedy genre (my favourite, and incredibly hard to get right) but moving on to films, I highly recommend Black Sheep. In New Zealand, where sheep outnumber people roughly 8-1, an outbreak of zombism in the ovine population would be a real disaster. It's gross, creepy and hilarious and definitely worth watching if that combination in any way appeals.

3) Finally, moving on to slightly more serious fare, Isolation was originally described to me as being like Alien on an Irish farm, which frankly sounded terrible. Thankfully it turned out to be brilliant. It's dark, intense and thrilling and perfect for watching on stormy nights.

So, there you go, a balance for the cuteness that I'm going to leave you with...

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